Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Updated - MvcContrib UI Extensions - Themed Grid & Menu

After a comment on by blog here, I have updated the MvcContrib UI Extensions source code, the sample MVC3 Web application (both source and demo), and deployed a new NuGet package to the public NuGet feed.  Here are the links:
Thanks for reading...


Wojciech said...

First thing I like to write is that Your application is great and I'm using Your themed grid in my project.
Second thing I don't like to write, but I'm stack with this one problem for a while, that when I hook up some jquery function, on some link in grid, after change sort/size/page it stops work:/ It doesn't matter if link is part of column, or just plain href put after grid divs.
I hope You have some Idea, what I'm doing wrong, because I'm hitting the wall:/

PS. Sorry for My English, this is not My native language.

tdryan said...

Hello Wojciech. It sounds like you need to re-register your jQuery events when the AJAX results are returned from the server. To do this, register your jQuery events using the onRequestEnded option of the mvccontribGrid jQuery plugin. Take a look at the jquery.mvccontrib.grid.js file in the Scripts directory of the sample code.

Wojciech said...

Thanks for help, I solve My problem, thanks to Your tips:)
I solve it, by changing My jQuery event to something like this:
$(#someid).live("click", function ...

Thanks one more time, now I can continue My project:)

Justin (小沢 もえ) said...

Hello.. i like you work.
However, the sort/page is works fine for me but size is always reset to 10 everytime. As I try to bebug, I always get size=null. Do you have any idea about this?

P.S. Sorry for my english.

tdryan said...

Hello Justin. The sample/demo project and the demo site produce the correct page size results. It's probably your implementation of using the code. I recommend that you review you implementation, compare it with the sample/demo project, and make changes to the areas that are different.

dharmesh said...

I tried your control and i found out that when i put mouse over second level submenu, it is not expanding in IE 6.0

Can you please check it and update it asap?


tdryan said...

Hello @dharmesh. Microsoft is encouraging users to drop IE6 (it's 10 years old) and upgrade to a modern browser IE6 Countdown. Sorry, but I do not intend on making changes to accommodate IE6. The code is open source and available for you to do as you wish.